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Fantasy cricket is one of the best cricketing games developed which is being enjoyed by every gaming player. Not only the general matches but the fantasy cricket league is also played with the same level of excitement and enthusiasm. The players select the different matches as per the different strategies and playing needs and then compete against the different teams for making real cash and increasing the fantasy cricket score.

Every now and then there are different fantasy cricket league matches in the game of fantasy cricket. IPL 11 is around the corner and every cricket player is seen excited for that. But before the arrival of the IPL 11 season, there are different fantasy cricket leagues matches that can be enjoyed. Let us have a look at the possible league matches that the players can enjoy before playing the big game of IPL 11:

Champion league: This is one of the best leagues of the fantasy cricket league. This league is so made that different players from different teams play against one another for winning the ultimate title of the champion. The players of the fantasy cricket team can select their own team and can play against all the competitive team for becoming the champion of the champion.

Asia cup: This fantasy cricket league is played against the leading Asian teams. All the different Asian teams compete with one another for becoming the best of all. The teams that participate in the tournament are only from the Asian side and thus the winning team becomes the champion of the Asian region.

ICC T20 world cup: ICC World T20 world cup has a different craze altogether in the fantasy cricket league. There is no doubt world cup is the ultimate battle in between the different teams in the fantasy cricket game. All the teams which want to fight against one another participate in the league and thus play to become the world champions. The T20 world cup is one of the most prestigious leagues in the fantasy cricket game.

Aussie T20 Big Bash: This is yet another big tournament of the fantasy cricket league. The different teams which feel that they have the potential in competing with the other big teams participate in the tournament. The players of the fantasy cricket game create their own team and choose the players in order to win against the top names of the entire tournament. The teams are so chosen that they can fight against the big teams in the entire tournament.

T20 Caribbean league: This league can also be enjoyed before the start of the ultimate game of IPL 11. The league brings together the top countries fighting against one another for becoming the top team amongst all. The chosen teams play against one another and are so made that the team put their best foot forward against all the other leading names in the league.

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