Go and Customize your engagement ring. Why?


 Why are you looking so confused? Wait a minute. Is it your anniversary that is bothering you? Definitely, it is not because of the anniversary, it is the gift that is the matter of concern. Right? We will advice you to purchase a diamond engagement ring for your love. Just don't walk-in to the store and purchase the best diamond. It is not that you can't. Yes, you can definitely purchase a ready-made one. But tell me one thing don't you want to gift something special, something unique? Obviously, you want. Then just don't look for the ready-made one. Go and customize your ring.

Now the question is why? A ready-made diamond engagement ring does not hold that uniqueness and affinity in it, what a custom-made ring holds. When you are ordering a custom-made engagement ring, you are creating your own ring of your choice. That is the style, pattern, or design engraved on it, will be yours. The final product will hold your own thoughts and concepts. Thus it will reveal your personality, your creativity and artistic nature and will be the witness of your sense of humor. Apart from this, a customized ring holds your feelings and exhibit your love for your partner. A ready-made diamond engagement ring can definitely bring a smile to her face. But customizing the ring will reach her heart. A ready-made ring can be easily obtained from the jewelry stores. In fact there are multiple pieces of such engagement rings made by the jeweler. But if you are ordering a ring, that means you are creating your own ring, popping out your heart. The thing that pops out of the heart is always perfect and unique. Thus it will not have any matching pairs.

First of all, decide your budget. Now why are we saying this? A customized engagement ring depends truly on your budget. More will be your budget, you will have better scopes to design your ring. You can thus conclude that a custom-made ring is costlier than a ready-made ring. However, this doesn't happen always. There are also some cases where you have to pay less than a ready-made one. So it just depends on what designs and pattern you want. Thus you can picturized that this custom-made ring speaks on your own behalf. But you have to keep one thing in your mind. If you are willing to customize an engagement ring, then you should have that ample time to create the ring. This where the loss lies. In case of a ready-made ring, you can get the best ring from the collection whenever you want. But you have to keep patient to get that ring on your hand.

It doesn't matter whether you are purchasing a ready-made or a custom-made ring, but since you are purchasing diamond it is our duty to warn you from before hand. You should be aware of the properties of a diamond before purchasing it. You can't trust a jeweler from the beginning, right? You can only trust him when you will be assured that the product that you have purchased is of high quality and not the duplicate one. As there are multiple duplicate diamonds like Cubic Zirconia available in the market. So you should have that knowledge to distinguish between them. But how will you do that? For that reason, you should be aware of different factors to detect a diamond. First of all, it should be clear to you what are the four C's of a diamond. That is the cut, colour, clarity and carat. Cut defines the brightness of a diamond and it gives rise to different shapes that we all look for. What shapes you are looking for? Round Brilliant cut, Princess cut, Oval cut, Emerald cut, Pear-shaped, Marquise cut, Cushion cut, Radiant cut, or Asscher cut. Know what your wife loves. Or choose the shape that you think will be the best. Though a real diamond is colourless, but the diamonds which are available in the market have different colours. Look for the colour that your partner likes. It is necessary to check the diamond's Clarity and measure the diamond's weight in carats before purchasing. The jeweler will surely help you out in this. But still, you should know some of the tests that will help you to detect the real one from the duplicate one.

You may ask the magnifying glass from the jeweler so that you can inspect the diamond. With the help of that glass, you can notice the number of inclusions in a diamond. A real diamond is not always perfect in clarity. There remain some inclusions in it. Whereas, the man-made diamonds are formed with perfection. Fog test can also help you. Just fog your diamond keeping it in front of the mouth and observe whether it is fogging up or not. A real diamond will never get fogged. This is the easiest way to detect a mounted diamond in front of the jeweler.

Due to the refractive nature of the diamond, there are several other tests that you can follow for an unmounted diamond. Under the UV rays, you can perform the dot test or a newspaper test with a diamond. What are the essentials for a dot test? Just make a dot in the paper and put the diamond on that dot. If you observe a circular reflection then make it clear that the diamond is a fake one. Or else you can simply try to read the letters in the newspaper, looking through the diamond. You can never read the letters through a real diamond.

Well, we hope we are able to make this clear that customized engagement ring is far better than a ready-made one, but you should have that much time to create it. Just don't wait now. Count the number of days left and rush to the store to create your own engagement ring. This will not only be special to her but it will recapitulate the memories of your engagement.  

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