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There are several companies in Singapore that are putting forth installation of Invisible Grille systems. As shoppers, you are probably going to be spoilt for decision and would have the capability to locate the best Invisible Grille company that will offer the most from your money.

The renovation industry today is quite competitive. it is exceptionally hard to tell who will be the best in giving not only great deals presentation but also have the capacity to "walk the discussion". Meaning, give what he says he will offer when he or she sold you the product.

Same applies to the developing number of Invisible Grille suppliers and installers.

3 Important Things That Complete Invisible Grille System

There are a few parts that complete the Invisible Grille system-

The stainless steel cables that are used to draw the real invisible grille with,

The Invisible Grille industry currently uses 2-2.5mm thick stainless steel cables to draw the genuine Invisible Grille that provides the "invisibility" so to speak. as it were. They are lab tested to withstand up to 240lbs (or 154kg) preceding breaking.

In spite of the fact that the stainless steel cable itself is comparable in many aspects, it is that thin layer epoxy covering that separates each Invisible Grille stainless steel cables that several of the installers make use of. The cost of the cables obviously differs based on the membrane coatings of all the distinctive cables.

There are the roller tracks that help the stainless steel cables that are used to draw the real invisible grille with,

The roller tracks as well as aluminium covers for the invisible grille, if important and on demand of homeowners are to be powder covered to the colors to coordinate the room or window edge's current color. Powder coating is implemented onto metals through free-flowing dry powder and furthermore, does not require any type of solvent to tie or fill not at all like regular spray painting.

Powder covering is generally done on the upside as well as outside of each metal surface. The final powder coated metal surface ought to be smooth and without any visible unevenness saw with an average quick spray work utilizing a spray can or even with the spray gun.

The individual locking system to secure and legitimately tension the stainless steel cables that are used to draw the real invisible grille with,

In spite of the fact that on appearance all the installers of Invisible Grille might utilize the same kind of roller tracks as well as covers, however, unfortunately, it isn't so. Do watch that the aluminum roller tracks and covers for the invisible grille. They ought to have a base thickness of around 1.5-2mm. Any less, it might cause the roller tracks and covers to be considerably twisted amid tensioning and tightening of every individual locking system.


A few companies so as to cash in on the popularity of any item may offer parts of low quality and with bringing down the cost to boost benefits to go off the genuine stuff. Try not to be influenced by cajoling salespersons that guarantee the best quality. Solicit to see all samples of the Invisible Grille HDB Approved the stainless steel cables, roller tracks n covers, and the nature of the powder coated finish. Consider this guide in order to decide for yourself before you invest on Invisible Grille installer.

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